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Photo of XC958U

Wheel Loaders


Engine Power

225.2 hp

Operating Weight

40,810 lb.

Bucket Capacity

4.58 yd3



The XC958 features the new generation XC9 series intelligent medium-tonnage loader that adheres to the international stage-V emission regulation. It features an all-new stream-line exterior design, advanced performance, high energy-conservation, efficiency, comfort, and convenience. The high-torque electronic control engine matches the 5-speed full-automatic transmission to allow for high working efficiency. The load-sensing hydraulic system improves fuel economy. The heavy-duty large-span front and rear frame, with tapered roller bearing pivots guarantees durability. The working device features intelligent control and high accuracy and efficiency which also improves comfort. The slightly pressurized, low-noise panoramic cab follows the ergonomic requirements. The full-tilting cab and the large-angle backward-opening hood centralize oil drainage and allow for one-stop maintenance. The optional diversified attachments, including sliding forks, clamp, lifting appliance, and quick-change device, can be installed for multi-functionality.


ParameterUnit of MeasureMeasurement
Bucket Loadyd34.18
Rated Loadlbs11,000
Rated PowerHP225.2
Operating Weightlbf40,810
Maximum Breakoutlbf43,820

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